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OSU Transfer Course Search

Welcome to Oregon State University's Transfer Course Search. This web site will help you plan your transfer to Oregon State. You can find out how courses from your current institution will transfer to OSU and create your own course evaluation report!

This website is for planning purposes only; course evaluations performed with this search are unofficial. This web search will not include all schools and/or all courses offered at a school. This is a non-secure site, so no password or access ID is required.

By clicking on "begin session" below, you will start the course search function. You will have the option to add additional transfer courses, with each articulation (transfer evaluation) being saved during that session.

When you are finished entering all courses you wish to have articulated, you will have the option of generating a report with all the articulations you have selected. If you wish to save this report for future reference, simply bookmark it and come back to it later. However if you should leave the session and have not bookmarked the report so it will appear in your browser history, it will be lost and must be reconstructed by starting a new session.

Note that you can access OSU General Education requirements for graduation, known as the Baccalaureate Core, by clicking here. If you attend an Oregon community college, please reference our detailed Bacc Core list for your school. To apply for admission to OSU or to obtain general information for transfer students, please reference our Transfer Student pages.